September 6th 2011

our guests: the leaders of tomorrow

30 students from the Karlshochschule came to our open day. They were able to get an idea of what a normal day is like in an unusual advertising agency like ours.

After taking the students on a short tour of our offices, we took them to our workshop.  We actually use this room with our customers to work out the structure of their company presentations.

After seeing our short company presentation (only 10 slides), we gave them some insight into the world of presentation design.  We also wanted to give them some basic information about presentations in general.  In the space of an hour or so, the students learned about the history of our company, from the early days in Elchesheim-Illingen, through the move to Haydnplatz, right up to the present day.  At the end, they had the chance to ask their own questions about presentations or working in an agency like ours.

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