October 8th 2011

…like tugboat pilots, we accompany businesses in difficult situations

We figured out the direction the presentation needed to take in the first 20 minutes and set about putting it into action.

It was simple:  Businesslotsen is a firm that offers business advice and guidance to companies in difficult situations.
The metaphor used for their company communication was surprisingly easy to find, as we at EXPLAIN are also pilots that steer companies through narrow straits. We have experts familiar with these types of circumstances. One day, when you are through the difficult channels, we disembark from your ship, safe in the knowledge that you can steer it yourself from then on!

The CEO’s opinion: »We had an appointment and I’m sure that the presentation developed by EXPLAIN had a lot to do with the success of that meeting.«
Sven Hager made the presentation at a Businesslotsen sales meeting.

Watch the video here – see what the presentation looks like and how Sven Hager performed it!

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