November 16th 2011

Explain at business congress 2011

On Wednesday, November 16th 2011, the CyberChampion secret was unveiled at CyberForum’s Business Congress at the Chamber of Commerce.

This year’s theme »The Employee’s Moment – an undervalued strength?« was clarified through interesting and stimulating lectures by Prof. Götz W. Werner, Niels Pfläging and Jan Reichert. We identified strongly with it, because we focus on a good team and Christian values. It’s nice to hear that companies need to rethink themselves in order to continue to be successful!

Karlsruhe companies were able to apply for the categories »Newcomer« and »High Potential« and had to meet with the jury a few weeks before the event. EXPLAIN helped the nominees to work on their company portraits and presentations.

»A big thank you to EXPLAIN!«

We were very pleased to be mentioned in the thank you speeches and we in turn say »thank you« to everyone who went part of the way together with us.