February 9th 2012

In the hallowed halls of Studio Gieske, bring the photos!

Studio Gieske came to us asking for help regarding a partner presentation. This presentation was supposed to last several hours. In addition, it had to give any potential business partner not only an insight into the amazing world of photography, but also, of course, into co-operation with Studio Gieske. As a visually oriented company, it also had to be simple and compelling. Since you can’t really avoid photos when you go to a photo studio, we spontaneously visited the studio armed with a camera. We then took whatever photos we needed of the impressive premises themselves.

The presentation in 16:9

After that, we had to move quickly. Within a week, an innovative presentation in 16: 9 format was developed, which the CEO used to give a first-class presentation on the day.  In addition, it answered all the questions that a possible future partner have asked – it got very good feedback.