February 19th 2012

»I’ve optimized my presentations to the point that I don’t even need slides anymore.«

That’s what one of the workshop participants from Schleupen AG said. He is a sales representative and apparently rather averse to the use of PowerPoint slides. This, of course, makes our day even more exciting. After all, it is only a question of developing the basic content for a new company presentation.

Too many poorly designed PowerPoint slides, too many bad stories, too many bullet points, too many miserable performances. All this gives us PowerPoint-burnout. And yet, we still make presentations. Why? Because a good presentation is a common thread, something to help the speaker. Slides are good because the visual part of our brains are involved. But how to make presentations successful? In this workshop, we looked for answers to these questions, together with marketing, sales and management.

Schleupen AG: A top-class presentation

At the end of the day, we had the basic content for the new sales presentation of Schleupen AG’s Risk Management department. After that, we designed a top class sales presentation over the next few weeks. The topic of risk management was compared to flying through clouds. All the information that was relevant to decision makers was presented in a compact and attractive manner. Meanwhile, the basic idea of flying through clouds was used in other media.