April  28th 2012

Present your…what? Present your whatever!

This was about personal appearance, about »learning by doing« –  and about a lot of fun! On April 4th, around 20 marketers from the Marketing Club Region Stuttgart met at the Junior Conference titled »Present your whatever« in Das Büro in Stuttgart. At the center of the conference was the art of presenting: presenting your business, presenting an idea, presenting an industry, and presenting a »whatever«. But before the members got active themselves, they were taught the basics in a session on »how to achieve the perfect presentation« by Senior Presentation Consultant and EXPLAIN GmbH’s CEO Sven Hager, who emphasized that overall performance is always a mix of spoken, visual and non-verbal communication. He also gave the participants some practical advice for their own performance.

Then the participants were given five minutes each to present their »whatever«, which was followed by hot feedback from the audience and presentation pro Hager. Post-conference, they also were given their personal video record and the fellow participant’s filled-in feedback forms.

Our verdict

The wonderful evening at Das Büro in the heart of Stuttgart was not just about practicing presentation techniques, but it was also the perfect opportunity to practice our own performance and skills and share experiences and ideas with other participants in a relaxed atmosphere.