May 6th 2012

The new Freudenberg product presentation for the Nonwovens sector!

We at EXPLAIN helped Freudenberg in Weinheim with two different matters.

The first was a new product presentation for the Nonwovens sector. Its goal was to let their clients know about the quality of Freudenberg’s Nonwoven products and to present the entire product portfolio.

We started with a workshop. We developed a structure for the presentation and then created a design. Then we implemented the slides. Finally we sent the result to Korea for translation.

The second matter was about technical optimization of the master.  Here we applied our knowledge systematically. We improved the existing slide master in such a way that Freudenberg employees could create slides more efficiently.

We held a PowerPoint training course. Here we trained the employees in handling PowerPoint, as well as the new slide master. They learned how to apply their new skills using example slides. If you also want to be trained, then attend one of our open training courses!