May 13th 2012

A visit to tomorrow’s leaders….

In May we paid a visit to Karl’s University in Karlsruhe to assist with the students‘ presentations. The pressure on students to perform is ever increasing and we were hired as external presentation coaches to help guide and support them in this specific matter. To this end, we organized a training day, during which the students worked on their presentation skills in small groups.

Performance training at Karl’s University

The training focused on the three areas of presentation: develop, design and deliver. As in our corporate coaching, it all starts with a good presentation concept.

For this, the following points should be examined:
Firstly, who do I want to address with my presentation?

Secondly, who is my target group?

Thirdly, what message do I want to convey with my presentation?

We spent three hours on each topic, discussing it in theory, and then made it more tangible through the use of real-life examples.

It was an amazing day and we hope that we were able to pass on some useful advice to tomorrow’s leaders, that will help them present themselves successfully.

If you, too, would like to be able to present successfully come and attend one of our training courses!