July 2nd 2012

Welcome on board and full steam ahead!!

True to our ship’s metaphor, we naturally need new cadets this year to help us battle the gales of the sea.

That is why we are pleased to have found three trainees to join our crew from this month.

The blind and the lame on the Westweg

To ensure that the new trainees get to know the captain not only while he is at the wheel, but also when he is off-duty, our first team-building exercise consisted of a stroll along the Westweg. This is a hiking trail which covers about 125 miles south of Karlsruhe. We planned 7 days for this little jaunt. The hike was enhanced with various stops and highlights for the juniors (such as camping in the open, many personal conversations, a camp fire and a wellness spa). So, lots of motivation for everyone.

All in all it was a successful trip, and everyone got to know each other much better. New friendships were made and, as Philipp Maisch enthusiastically reported when we got »back on board«, it was like the expression »The blind man leading the lame«.

»I was basically hobbling because of my feet. Mario, on the other hand, had no sense of direction at all, so we spent most of our time together …«

Here’s to deer fat and Band-Aids!

Do you also want to be a trainee at EXPLAIN? Then apply now!