October 28th 2012

This is a cockpit…

»… during a flight, the pilot constantly has to keep an eye on the most relevant parameters such as height, fuel and direction. This information helps him evaluate risks and provides him with an essential basis for decisions. Within a company, these same principles apply for risk management and that’s why we developed software for it.«

This is the start of our newly created presentation for the Risk Management department of Schleupen AG.  Providing a sales department with a presentation or empowering them to make their own, are two very different things. So, we did a ‘test flight’ training session.

This test flight made it easier for the sales staff of Schleupen AG to get into the flow of their speech, helped with stage fright and gave them more confidence when handling the slides. Management and the marketing department gave us valuable input, too.

After all, pilots are trained in simulators first, before the actual flight.

Schleupen: »We would like to extend this idea from the presentation into our entire communication structure.«

At EXPLAIN, we want to create successful communication from person to person, through presentations. It is our goal to support companies in easily presenting themselves. If you find ways to apply this structure in other fields aside from presentation, it makes us even happier.

The Risk Management department of Schleupen AG has now transferred the communication structure that we developed to other media fields by themselves.  It can be seen in their brochures, their exhibition stand, on advertising materials and other mediums. This clearly shows how essential principles of a company’s communication are part of an accomplished presentation.

If you would also like to develop a successful presentation for your company, contact us!