August 15th 2013

We’re looking forward to welcoming our new crewmembers!

After a long recruiting process, with a lot of great, creative applications, our new crewmembers have finally been chosen.
Muriel von Seggern is starting an apprenticeship with us as a Media Designer, Felix Droll will inspire our Designers with new ideas, Kai (Kailey) Peng as an experienced Speaker Coach and Conception, and Florian Bernard is our new Mr. Sales.

Onboarding or »The calm before the storm!«

Life on board the EXPLAIN ship is full of challenges. To make sure that it isn’t simply a trip into the unknown and that our new crew members are well prepared to set sail, an entire week of onboarding took place. A real highlight. The onboarding was led by the captain himself. After a solemn welcome from the whole team, we got to know the environment and learned a lot about the company.

Onboarding at EXPLAIN – that means on the one hand, a general introduction to the infrastructure, processes and company history. On the other hand, we looked at conceptual design and development, company development and goals. An exciting insight, it gave us newcomers a deeper understanding of the whole company. Fantastic!  We got a look at the many customer projects throughout their entire development process. But that wasn’t all. We also had a lot of fun, from the training overlays in PowerPoint Karaoke to the professional presentation. The eventful week ended with a significant gesture: the solemn signing of a new ship’s manifest.

We absolutely loved the intensive onboarding. Even if our heads almost exploded. »The fact that we have so much time to introduce ourselves is so great,« says Muriel von Seggern, one of us newcomers. The result? Highly motivated crewmembers, who can hardly wait to start their journey. Bring on the adventure!

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Ahoy, mateys!