November 4th 2013

Our new screen is coming by crane!

We have been looking at the topic of projectors for the last couple of weeks and, after extensive research, we have come to the conclusion that we want to get away from projectors entirely. So we need a TV. A big TV. An enormous TV.

The Big Screen!

One of our customer service goals has always been to stay at the cutting edge of technology. Whether it is touch screens, mobile applications or big screens for trade fair use. Only people who work with new and innovative media on a daily basis can offer tailor-made solutions to their customers.

As presentation professionals, we often say: »It’s been projected out!« Big screens are increasingly being used in presentation venues, instead of projectors. The advantages are clear: better color, no problems with the lighting and the speaker doesn’t get dazzled.

When we had decided that a big screen was the best option, then the organizational gremlins came into play. How we attach an almost 120-inch screen to the wall? How do we even get it to the second floor – will it fit through the door? Finally, it was there, hanging from a crane. Making careful us of the crane driver’s fingertip feeling, the screen floated gently into our offices. The Big Screen had arrived!

Its inauguration was marked by a very special show, with fresh popcorn for the crew. A bit like a movie theater. A really big movie theater.