December 14th 2013

Good ideas should be rewarded. Even if there isn’t a prize for it yet.

Success is not only about the product idea or the design, but above all, it’s about the way it is presented. At EXPLAIN, we want to support start-ups with our know-how and this year, we sponsored the CyberChampions by giving a free  presentation training course. At the end of the course, the participants were able to explain and present their ideas much more enthusiastically and convincingly.

The CyberChampions Award for »Hightech Pioneers«

There was one product which was extremely technically innovative but could not be considered for the CyberChampions Award. That’s why the special prize »High-Tech Pioneer« was created and endowed by us in cooperation with CAS Software AG.  We are so proud to be able to recognize e-volo GmbH for their incredible idea. Our designated CEO, Jonas Keller, underscored this in his speech at the Entrepreneurship Congress awards ceremony.

All that remains is to decide who’s coming with us on our first flight around Karlsruhe…