January  14th 2014

Both stories and pictures are memorable. So why not tell a story with a picture?

A lot happened for us in 2013. A lot! – it could fill a whole book or a fairly long presentation. A bigger challenge for us, however, is to display complex connections with ONE (!) picture. As a result, a onepager has been added to the annual financial statements, which outlines our 2013 – projects, activities outside our offices, new employees and things related to them and everything else that has happened in this year.

The EXPLAIN onepager for 2013

We took this idea as an opportunity to let our employees draw their own 2013 at EXPLAIN and what is to come in 2014 at our annual kick-off meeting. There turned out to be several gems among the drawings, but even more important was our joint decision to take our customers’ presentations to a new and inspiring level.

2014 will be a very special year for us because we will be ten years old on February 1st. This will of course be celebrated with a look back, not only at 2013, but also at the entire decade.

Do you want to explain yourself and your company in a onepager?

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