February 25th 2014

Global sales communication – from a presentation specialists‘ view

That was the focus of a talk that EXPLAIN was invited to give at Walldorfer Softwareunternehmen’s Co-Innovation Center. We sent our CEO Sven Hager and concept specialist Kailey Peng to hold a thirty-minute question-and-answer session with a group of twenty staff representatives from different business sectors. One of the things discussed was how a successful presentation can impact international scaling and reach. Our experts also used our own materials to exemplify different projects and to demonstrate business presentations.

SAP’s lessons learned

Afterwards, Georg Kube, Global Vice President, Head of Industrial Machinery & Components at SAP gave us comprehensive, positive feedback. “I am really impressed with how you manage to visually structure and eventually implement in such simple terms the very tricky subject of communication, from corporate to sales to customer level. There is so much for us at SAP to learn from you!“

EXPLAIN would like to thank this extraordinary organization for their invitation and especially, for this inspiring exchange of ideas. Any time!

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