March 12th 2014

Strong leadership through targeted training

EXPLAIN has evolved a broad management structure. Employees with HR or departmental responsibility form the »officer« level and support management. From a military point of view, officers are responsible for leadership, training and the deployment of units as well as squads and platoons. To do this, officers must be trained.

Nowadays, many places are offering leadership seminars. They are, however, more about methods and tools than about the actual prerequisites of leadership. First and foremost, it is about the character of the leader and how he has to work on himself in order to lead at all. With this in mind, the »officers« and our coach Jochen Geiselhart went to Bad Wimpfen monastery for two days, in order to connect with themselves and reflect on their roles at EXPLAIN.

Those two days were also a chance to reflect on a book by Anselm Grün. Even right at the beginning, in the introduction, it states that most management models are characterized by soullessness and a lack of imagination, and that working in those types of companies is no fun. On the other hand, some companies are based on chaos theory. They are filled with fun and spontaneity. That’s exactly where we place ourselves. We have somewhat more structure and, due to the ever-increasing demand for our services and solutions in the field of presentoric, also somewhat less spontaneity. But always lots of fun!