April 6th 2014

A very special presentation format

On March 31st, Toastmasters and EXPLAIN hosted their second event together. This time, however, it was all in English. For those who are not yet familiar with Toastmasters: this has nothing to do with toasted bread. It is in actual fact a club for the training of speech and communication skills.

On this particular evening, there was PowerPoint karaoke and Pecha Kucha (Japanese, pron: petscha-kutscha). Translated, this means »confused chatter, babble of voices.« This is a presentation technique in which appropriate slides are shown for a prepared speech. The number of slides (20 of them) as well as the automatic display duration (20 seconds each) are fixed.

A highlight for the rhetoric club

The presentations in EXPLAIN’s venue were a special highlight for the rhetoric club. And we, as a presentation agency, can still learn a lot from these passionate speakers. The conclusion of Kailey Peng, Presentation Consultant and at the same time a member of the Board of Karlsruhe Toastmasters: »Toastmasters has proved to be a constant source of inspiration for EXPLAIN. And this event was once again a great opportunity to be inspired by the PowerPoint specialists. In particular, talking about visual aids!«

All we have to say is: Thank you for the enriching exchange! Always a pleasure!
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