May 7th 2014


There are countless cloud products available nowadays. What they are exactly is often a very complex issue and needs explanation. AppSphere AG from Ettlingen is a cloud-consultant. In order to improve the comprehensibility of their services, the company decided to work with us to revise their company’s presentation. At the initial meeting, Frank Roth and Frank Kresse introduced their previous presentation.

We soon realized: An entirely new approach was needed.

So we set to work on a new concept. Our concepts aren’t “off the shelf” but are prepared individually for each of our clients. It is important for us to keep our clients involved in the process. That’s why we worked closely together with AppSphere AG. After a few attempts, we had developed a structure that was applicable to a wide audience and was both target-oriented and flexible.

AppSphere: The IT working space of the future – communicating innovation

The step after conceptualization was design. Our client wanted to present their services as they were, innovative. How the slides were handled was also important, since the presentation needed to be used intuitively by all the employees. Furthermore, the presentation needed to be easy for the audience to understand.

Professionalization of client acquisition

The concept and structure that we developed facilitated not only communication flow but instantly helped new clients understand what it was all about. So that all employees could internalize the presentation, it was shown to them all again, practiced by them all and recorded on video. Using this new presentation, AppSphere can be assured that every employee knows how to approach new clients in a consistently professional manner!