May 22nd 2014

Interactive trade fair presentation for EnBW booth at energy fair »E-World«

The aim at a trade fair is to enter into compact dialogue with customers and partners. In preparation of their performance at the E-World trade fair, we were asked to adapt the distribution presentation we developed for EnBW for their big touch screen. We kept its basic structure and design but added a lot of information and video clips that can be moved, changed or added to.

Permanent solution even after the fair

»For that particular presentation set-up, we had to use hardware that was practically unavailable because it was so new,« says Michael Bieniek, IT specialist and project manager at EXPLAIN. Nevertheless, EnBW was able to use its new presentation environment, which was adapted from Windows 8 and iPad format, only a few weeks later. But, of course, EnBW’s sales representatives were also able to use their tablets after the trade fair to convince their customers face to face of their innovative solutions.

This application was the highlight at our trade fair booth

At the fair presentation the principle of visualized storytelling once again proved to be an enabler of dialogue, facilitating explanation processes and impressing the customers. Many interesting conversations took place, most notably between EnBW and the minister of trade of North Rhine-Westphalia.

For us, this meant venturing into new areas – and with a fantastic outcome that we are grateful for. We’re looking forward to more challenges in other areas, too.