May 24th 2014

…is what Head of B2B Distribution Marketing of EnBW said during a visit to EXPLAIN. He recently developed an internal sales presentation and had it visually revised by an external company. After showing it to us he came to the point, »You know, we really like our current presentation. But we would like it to get top marks and we think that you are the right partner for this.« Needless to say, we happily took on the challenge. We soon understood the difficulty of explaining a ‘non-tangible’ commodity product for distribution purposes in five customer segments. The company and its portfolio in only 10 slides – for iPads and laptops? Weren’t we being a bit hasty?

New approaches to structure, visualization and design: from failure to success

We decided on an in-depth analysis, which contained, among other things, individual interviews with the staff. To our surprise, we found that a lot of them preferred presenting on paper and with slides that could easily be commented on. We developed a first draft for a presentation structure, its visualization and design. Devising the content structure took shape but visualizing it grew more and more difficult and, in the end when put to the vote, failed to convince entirely.

We had to start afresh– and finally succeeded. In the words of the Head of B2B  Distribution Marketing: »From my point of view, the status quo of our sales presentation is heading for top level.«

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