June 24th 2014

For two solid days, around 50 students from HPI were working on their bachelor thesis presentations, which were eventually presented to their proud families, fellow students and professors at the final panel presentation.

Three steps to effective presenting: develop, design, and deliver

On the first day, which was all about the conception phase, we demonstrated to the students how to effectively gather content, which structures to use and how to choose the right intro and outro. The rough drafts were then presented in a first round. Simultaneously we tackled and shed new light on the issues of target group, USPs and user value. On the second day we dealt with the presentation design and performance.

Altogether we provided the students with the tricks of the trade and all the basics that are needed to turn great ideas into great presentations, and in the end the final show was a great success!

We would like to thank the wonderful students and staff for an amazing two days and hopefully see you again next year!