October 6th 2014

Do PowerPoint presentations harm businesses?

Many people hate presentations, whether they are sales presentations or company presentations. The problem, however, is usually not with the software itself.
A study by the Wall Street Journal yields an unpalatably cruel insight – almost all presentations within the business world are monotonous, boring or at best OK. Jerry Weissman, a respected rhetoric coach, says: »Business presentations usually have no clear point, benefit and flow. They are too detailed, long and ugly«. In short, some people say that the way PowerPoint is used is already damaging to business. It is no wonder that so many people hate sales and company presentations.

Presentoric  does away with soporific presentations

The problem usually lies in how PowerPoint is handled. The wrong approach or the wrong content. We at EXPLAIN know that you have to put in time to plan, in order to get a well-grounded, well-structured, understandable and inspiring presentation! That’s why you need about 90 hours of preparation time for a one hour presentation. That’s 30 hours for the content, 30 hours for the slides and 30 hours for practicing it. That’s is a lot of time in everyday life, but it is also a must for success.

In order to create a holistic understanding of presentations, we have drafted an EXPLAIN whitepaper. It lists the most important information that can help you to think about and optimize presentations. From our experience, we at EXPLAIN know that the only way to achieve success with your presentation is to have a holistic view of it. This approach is called Presentoric. Well-structured content, impressive PowerPoint slides and a good speaking performance are all decisive factors for this success. We create the best prerequisites, so that you can inspire the audience with your presentation.