October 8th 2014

Preparing nine start-ups to pitch for the CyperChampions Award

An investor pitch is a special form of presentation for a start-up. It’s all about how fast and efficiently the relevant points that will decide whether an investor jumps on board or not, can be presented. All too often, however, these presentations succumb to the »Curse of Knowledge« by swamping the audience with too many technical details. This is where our expertise in the area of presentoric comes in. The term combines a holistic view of presentations (content, PowerPoint slides, and speaker) with the speaker’s own rhetorical skills.

The annual »Hightech.Unternehmer.Wettbewerb. CyberChampions« competition is aimed at local start-ups and new ventures in the greater Technology Region of Karlsruhe. Our presentation coach Kailey Peng was there to give a half-day workshop, with tips for the competition finalists on how to further improve their pitch talks. Client director Florian Bernard rounded off the agenda with a motivational speech on presentation design.

What really counts

During the training session, the nine participating ventures focused mainly on content.  Whereas a commercial presentation focuses on the customer value of a product, a pitch talk takes the investor’s interest in it into account. And since the investor wants to see his money grow, this is where the focus should lie. As the saying goes: sometimes ‘less is more’ – that goes for content, too.

We at EXPLAIN are curious about the results and are looking forward to meet the winners at the Hightech.Unternehmer.Kongress. in November.