November 4th 2014

Success with an EXPLAIN pitch presentation

The task in designing a pitch presentation is crystal clear: winning. That’s what CIP Trademarketing GmbH told us at the beginning of June when they asked us to revise their slide stock.

Our collaboration with the 360° trademarketing agency started with a whole-day workshop on content. Starting with 200 slides, together we defined the existing content pitch, as well as requirements and who would be watching the pitch. The result was a clear path and the first draft of a main core visual.

Profitable collaboration

Our collaboration eventually happened in two pitch steps. Firstly, the plan we developed for the design was transferred onto the existing slides and then passed on to the jury in the form of a sales presentation.

Having mastered the first round of the selection process we then moved on to a stronger visualization of content and text components. As a result, the slides were more clearly structured, with shortened content and a stronger visualization of the PowerPoint slides. Now the three speakers were supported in their use of the slide deck as best as they could be.

Having reduced the number of slides to a mere 90 for a presentation that takes just under 90 minutes we confidently sent our client into the final round and were all the more pleased to hear the result:  In mid-August CIP Trademarketing won the pitching contest!