December 2nd 2014

Christmas isn’t lovely for everyone

Cookies, roast turkey and gifts. What seems self-evident to us, is something that many people can only dream of. As a young, value-oriented company, we assume responsibility for the region and have donated 1.800 euros to the refugee shelter Freundeskreis Asyl Karlsruhe e.V. After all, sharing is wonderful and not just at Christmas.

The work of refugee shelter Freundeskreis Asyl Karlsruhe e.V.

There are people who don’t have it as good as we do. People who have had to flee their homeland. People who need help. Christmas, the time of love and  neighborliness, reminds us of how good we actually have it. So good that we can help people who are less fortunate than we are. The Freundeskreis Asyl Karlsruhe e.V., an independent, non-profit organization which has been active since 1987, works for the rights of and humane treatment of asylum seekers and refugees in the Karlsruhe area. With the help of an international team, it offers very personal and non-bureaucratic help with procedural and social counseling.

After a great year in 2014, we wanted to give something back, from EXPLAIN to the region. That’s why we decided to support the work of the association with a donation of 1.800 euros. The donation was handed over by our managing partner, Jonas Keller. Two of our trainees, Christoph Gegenheimer and Timo Thielert, accompanied him. In addition to donating money, we came up with something special for adults and children alike. We brought along four soccer balls, which lit up many eyes, especially those of the little ones!

Helping others is a great feeling and we are very happy that we could contribute a little something to support the work of the association!
Do you also want to support the Freundeskreis Asyl Karlsruhe e.V. with money or a material donation?
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We wish you a pleasant Advent season full of charity and a blessed Christmas party!