December 2nd 2014

Using karaoke to improve your presentations

Does this sound familiar? You have to give a presentation which you haven’t properly prepared, which doesn’t make sense to you and where you improvise on every slide, hoping it’ll soon be over? On the one hand that sounds like an exercise that we at EXPLAIN like to use ourselves and with our clients to train spontaneity. We do this by presenting unknown content in as speedy a way as possible. On the other hand unfortunately, this is the reality in many sales presentations.

CAS Partners Day– content is king

Last week, Presentation Coach Kailey Peng and Client Director Florian Bernard were invited to CAS Partners Day at CAS Software AG, where they introduced 100 members of management, sales and marketing staff and their partners to the PowerPoint karaoke method and highlighted the key ingredients of a successful presentation. According to their feedback after the performance, this short venture into the world of presentoric proved to be very useful and elucidating for the participants.

It was generally agreed that a successful, convincing presentation should be made up of the following: knowing your content, which should be compact and comprehensible, using slides that convey meaning but are low in text, and practicing your talk over and over again. Because then you don’t need karaoke for your performance. In fact, the motto should be: presenting well WITHOUT karaoke.

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