December 18th 2014

TEDx Munich: 3 lessons for compelling presenting

Always on the lookout for new presenting experiences, EXPLAIN went out on the road again – this time to Munich’s Residenztheater for this year’s TEDx Munich, an international conference with the motto »Ideas worth spreading«. It was the first time that it was attended both by guests and proud sponsors, with 17 international and local speakers taking to the stage to give innovative talks from the areas of technology, entertainment and design.
Being experts in presenting ourselves, we were inspired by the speakers and the conference and took home three lessons learned:

1. Use passion to captivate your audience

In Munich, the audience was particularly moved by international speakers who told personal stories and showed a strong commitment to their cause. For example, there was a story of someone who had sunglasses shipped to the Himalayans, or one where the speaker had helped set up a start-up for prison inmates.
Our lesson: In the end, people with a mission and with emotions impress the audience more than professional speakers who don’t have anything interesting to say.

2. »Show, don’t tell«

Use your creativity to visualize abstract data. In our case someone used a flying dragonfly robot. Someone else performed a spontaneous round of breakdancing, and yet another speaker entertained the audience with a series of jokes and anecdotes in an inspiring talk on humor.
Our lesson: Examples from everyday life can spice up your presentation significantly.

3. It’s all in the mix!

The presenters at TEDxMunich were able to activate their audience rather than tire it. To this end, they used different means such as comedy, music, presentation and even a puppet show. At some point a magician in the disguise of a scientist made it onto the stage – and proved that the concept planning had been perfect!

Our feedback as a sponsor is very positive since we, too, were able to take home some new ideas to implement in our daily job. As a leading presentation agency we look forward to sponsoring more TEDx conferences in the future.