February 15th 2015

300 are holding the fort– worldwide.

Only a few can hold out against a majority – as the story of the 300 Spartans who resisted the Persian superpower at Thermopylae hot springs proves. Even today, this historical metaphor can help us understand the importance of putting the right people in the right places. In a globalized world, and for a global player like adidas, this means strategically placing the right leaders in the right global markets.

Once a year, these leaders come to Herzogenaurach- and there are indeed 300 – to meet with the management board and discuss strategies, in a compact session where crucial information needs to be communicated efficiently in order to take effect globally.

To help achieve this communication, we at EXPLAIN produced an effective presentation for the adidas board of managers. Working on-site for an intensive couple of days, we designed presentations that were especially fitted to the largest projection screen in the world. We supervised the different speakers

and helped them produce perfectly matching presentations that underlined their individual messages. This is what we call presentoric: when rhetoric and slides come together in a speaker’s impressive performance. At this top-class international event and performance, our vision turned into reality to an impressive degree.