May 10th 2015

Any good story sometimes has a good sequel

Just over two years ago the Fantastic Four joined EXPLAIN. As with all good stories, we are now making a sequel. We’re bringing another four new crewmembers on board.

Kira, Gian-Marco, Rosa and Braño are the Fantastic Four Part II

First, Kira Huber was hired as a new Project Manager. She has been managing a part of our rapidly growing customer base for some time now. She has settled in very well and summarizes her job in one sentence: »I absolutely love being confronted with complex content time and again, as well as meeting lots of new people.«

Gian-Marco Wachter, Rosa Howahr and Braño Tomanik have been with us since May. Gian-Marco supports the Presentation Team as a Presentation Designer who makes unbelievable pictures.  Rosa has already handled her first few projects in the e-learning department as a  Junior Project Manager & Concept. Braño knows the media industry inside out from his history in radio. He has decided to train with us as a Media Designer.

We love getting to know new crewmembers and are looking forward to a possible Part III.