May 25th 2015

Total banking solution: a one-stop-shop

A real challenge is by no means an obstacle for us at EXPLAIN – as we proved in our project with Finnova AG, a software developer for banks. However, the plan to explain the company, its origins and the Finnova Banking Software using just two concepts and in one workshop – turned out to be a failure.

Even experienced presentation experts like us had to acknowledge that it might take more that one round to understand a business and its entire product in depth. And so we ended up with two workshops and four concepts.

Smarter Banking explained

During the second workshop we understood the scope of the advantage that getting and using the Finnova Banking Software brings to a company, and we finally understood its product. All IT processes are integrated by means of their comprehensive banking solution, enabling the bank to save on TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) by up to 50 million euros per year. Realizing this put us in a position to start developing a matching structure, which in turn can be used for explaining the software’s highlights using a metaphor taken from architecture – the so-called ‘client tower’. As far as visualization goes, we mainly followed Finnova AG’s corporate design to produce a modern and reduced 3-D version, which convinced not only us but also our customer. Our yearlong cooperation with Finnova AG helped us grow in our thinking and in our work – not least because of the initial challenges.

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