June 9th 2015

Storytelling event about our CEO’s experiences on the high seas

We all love stories. And we love presentations. Putting them together reaches people in a special way. And that is what we want: to transport people’s ideas through presentations. That is why we look after people who have important things to present.

A new look at things:
Our CEO, Sven Hager, took a year’s sabbatical. During this time, he wanted to develop a new perspective on the world and the things he does every day. Some of those 365 days, 14 to be exact, he spent on a three-masted sailing ship called the Alvei. He sailed her in the Pacific, somewhere between Australia and the Fiji Islands. Here he was able to learn how the impressions he got on the high seas and the leadership of a company were similar.

»Long after the audience has forgotten your name and the title of the presentation, they will remember your stories«

Wrap your message up into an emotional story and use an inspiring presentation to pass it on – that is what sticks in our minds. That is why we set up a storytelling event. We invited our EXPLAIN customers, friends and families. It was at this special evening event that Sven Hager summed up his experiences in an extraordinary presentation and let us relive it with him. Storytelling with presentation, music and video, passionately presented and enthusiastically received by our guests. The video of our first inspiring storytelling event is now available to all those who want to hear enthralling stories.

Watch the video here!

We hope you enjoy watching it!

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