June 23rd 2015

»The audience’s feedback was amazingly positive«

At this year’s TEDx Hamburg conference, three keynote speakers received professional coaching from us. We sent our very own Kailey Peng, business presentation training expert and European toastmasters‘ champion. Our aim was to combine targeted media use with a compelling spoken performance. In what we at EXPLAIN call ‚polishing‘, we revised the concept structure of the existing presentations and slides with a view to improved design and a storytelling factor. TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a unique conference format with the motto ‚Ideas worth spreading‘. For further information on TEDx Hamburg on 22nd June 2015 click here or check it out on Facebook.

TEDx Hamburg speakers‘ feedback after Kailey’s coaching:

»Thanks to the work on storytelling, my presentation became a lot more visual for the audience. Kailey was a great help and source of inspiration for me! The audience feedback was incredibly positive!« (Ana Pereira Roders)

»The coaching helped me to tell my story in a much more lively way. The audience’s excitement was already noticeable while I was still speaking.« (Dr. Marjo Kyllönen)

»Kailey helped me to find my central theme and to present my ideas comprehensibly. She also made sure that I didn’t use colloquial language. Working with her was a massive gain for me …« (Ngaire Blankenberg)

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