July 12th 2015

Niki Ernst: Ideas worth spreading

»Ideas worth spreading« – the concept of using successful presentations to give people fresh ideas is not just something that excites TEDx coach Niki Ernst.

As Germany’s leading presentation agency, we are dedicated to creating good presentations. In doing so we support people who have important things to present. What is special here is that we view presentations as threefold. We focus on structured content, visually stunning PowerPoint slides and powerful oratory. We derive ‘presentoric’ from thrilling presentations and meaningful rhetoric.

»It’s all about telling a story«

As part of his lecture format, the ‘School of Talk‘,  Niki Ernst paid us a visit at the agency. He gave us interesting insights into his work as a coach. Niki is a presentation coach and trains, among others, many of the TED speakers. He prepares them for their big performance at the globally renowned TED conferences. TED stands for technology, entertainment and design.  At these conferences it’s all about presenting the ideas worth spreading to the audience. Thanks to his presentation to our ‘Good Morning Explain’ circle and the individual coaching for our presentation consultants and coaches that followed, we saw our efforts and efficiency in ‘storytelling’ confirmed. Even experienced presentation experts like ourselves could learn a thing or two from Niki. The bottom line is that it will help us to advise our clients even better. Niki travels all over the world as one of 18 TEDx Ambassadors and has gained a wealth of experience from over 3000 speaker coaching sessions. But our work in this field also speaks for itself. After all, as a TEDx partner, EXPLAIN has been coaching participating conference speakers since June 2015.

In short, Niki’s visit was an interesting meeting of like-minded people that provided valuable food for thought.

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