August 26th 2015

Model company in Raiffeisenbank Südhardt eG annual report

In the 2014 Raiffeisenbank Südhardt eG Annual Report, EXPLAIN was hailed as a flagship corporate customer. Our excellent relationship with our house bank is not least due to our shared commitment to long-term goals, quality and values.

Raiffeisenbank is a loyal companion  that has helped us with financial questions since the company was founded in 2004. We see the relationship as a profitable partnership for both parties, which supports our economically sustainable work.

A guarantee of financial security

Being mentioned as an example of a solid agency confirms the trust that we place in our bank and theirs in us as a company. Working together, knowing that we can trust each other and looking after people – that is not only our mission. As a company, Raiffeisenbank Südhardt offers long-term financial security.

We at  EXPLAIN are very happy about the successful collaboration and are looking forward to being officially named.