December 15th 2015

Bob Carey: Hidden treasures

At EXPLAIN, accompanying our clients, who have important things to say in their presentations, is far more than just a job – it is our passion. At TEDx Munich we had the opportunity to assist photographer Bob Carey with the preparation of his talk. Bob Carey became famous because of a Telekom advert showing him in different public places, wearing a pink tutu. His Tutu Project started as a gesture to his wife Linda who is suffering from cancer and the photos of him in a ballet costume were meant to cheer her up. But it wasn’t long before his pictures were shared around the world and the Tutu Project became a source of help for people with breast cancer.

TEDx Munich: »What’s your pink tutu?«

In order to tell his story “’Hidden Treasures” at TEDx Munich, our EXPLAIN staff accompanied him as speaking coaches to ensure that he could communicate his story successfully. Before his moving presentation at Circus Krone Bau, many hours were spent on comprehensive speaker training, where we optimized his PowerPoint slides and worked through his spoken text. In our close cooperation, we worked on speech structure and build-up of suspense. In the rehearsals we then focused on rhetoric and fluency and eventually, thanks to our coaching, Bob Carey managed to take the audience with him on his journey in the pink tutu. His talk provided deep insights into how he coped with this blow that fate had dealt him. Eventually our catch phrase ”what’s your pink tutu?” became a metaphor for his Munich audience and later also on social media – embodying the passion and hope that every person seeks in something different. Bob found his hidden treasure in his tutu and in the joy that he brought to his wife Linda. And eventually, to a wider audience, through his photos.

»EXPLAIN understood me and the story behind the tutu on an emotional level and, through their professional coaching, brought a new dimension to my storytelling.«

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