December 21st 2015

»Different is better«: TELE 5’s new presentation toolkit

Provider of a somewhat different TV program, TELE5 combines programs as diverse as trash movies, high quality series and feature films, making it THE channel of choice for those who refuse to watch the monotonous format that some big TV corporations have opted for. Our new modular PowerPoint presentation toolkit was designed to fit this profile. We developed it during our collaboration for their sales and business presentations.

The next generation: »A Class of its Own«

During our collaboration, the media company’s basic idea »different is better« became our motto. To make a long story short, we turned up at Bavaria Film Studios in Munich at the start of December. In our first workshop, we tackled the challenge of visualizing the private broadcaster’s USPs. After six hours of hard work on core messages, the central pillars of TELE5’s new sales and business presentation had been erected. What is really new and counter to current mainstream thinking is the fact that this presentation is based on a one-pager, produced to match the TV station’s corporate design. During the presentation, the company parts can easily be navigated along »Route 5« to get to the different chapters. »A Class of its Own« now defines TELE 5’s TV program AND its presentation toolkit. It will attract the viewers’ attention by means of its versatile linking system and its new, innovative visuals. TELE5 is now well equipped for its upcoming sales events.


At the end of the day, it was the split between manageability and design ambitions that made this project so challenging. It was exciting for us at EXPLAIN to work with a company that thinks in such visual terms, and it opened up a whole new area of presenting. New experiences were gained and many new ideas emerged.

But it’s not only us who are excited about this different project – TELE5 too was more than happy with our collaboration.
»It was much more than simply creating beautiful charts. The team at EXPLAIN knew from the outset how to accompany the process of content and visual line of reasoning professionally and with a lot of understanding for our brand.« (Markus Jarre, Sales Marketing Manager, TELE 5).

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