December 31st 2015

In 2015 EXPLAIN helped its customers achieve outstanding presentations

Competition is fierce.  It’s not only our customers who need to stand out from the crowd, so must EXPLAIN itself. We achieved this in 2015. Despite charging more than our competition, we were able to win over customers such as Bridgestone, Deutsche Bahn and Nestlé with our comprehensive consulting, quality and holistic approach. As Germany’s leading presentation agency, we are the only one which pursues a holistic presentation approach. Presentoric is our principle of success – that motivated our customers to decide to go with us. A good decision, as 2015’s successful projects prove.

In 2015 we fell into the Nature Adventure with our new customer Jack Wolfskin. We developed initial ideas for their new company presentation.

But we don’t only feel good out in the fresh air.  EXPLAIN also makes things mobile: to stop their customers from slipping, Bridgestone is now introducing their new tires with an EXPLAIN presentation.

Away from the asphalt, our route took us to the rails of Deutsche Bahn. We designed a new board presentation for them.

Never stopping, we then entered the new (old) world of television entertainment and got together with niche broadcaster TELE5.  No limits on our creativity here, because here, crazy is just about good enough.

As a presentation agency, we don’t only feel at home in boardrooms.  We’ve grown into ballrooms of all sizes, too, and were able to prove this at the MHP Insight event. Here we inspired about 1,200 consultants from the Porsche subsidiary with a 700-slide presentation, projected onto180 square meters of screen.

Last but not least, we were also the right contact for presentation training in 2015. We went to food group Nestlé in Switzerland, to give them some presentation training and shared our know-how. This helped the group to improve its corporate communications.

We have shown that great presentations contribute to outstanding communication in all areas of a company and in the industry.

»It was much more than simply creating beautiful charts. The team at EXPLAIN knew from the outset how to accompany the process of content and visual line of reasoning professionally and with a lot of understanding for our brand.«  (Markus Jarre, Head of Sales Marketing Tele5)

We are proud to have acquired these customers in 2015. We are looking forward to more projects with large, small and medium-sized enterprises in 2016!

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