January 24th 2016

EXPLAIN is »burning for presentations«

A chunk of Carrara marble and the chance to be part of a historic day. A day that will go down in the history of EXPLAIN. Our CEOs Jonas Keller and Sven Hager don’t need much more than that to fire up their EXPLAIN crew. CEOs inspiring their employees with an amazing presentation is normally only seen with Apple founder Steve Jobs. But what is being presented here is not the new iPhone, it is the vision of our managing partners. Here at EXPLAIN, we live a presentation culture – it’s not just work that we do for our customers. We also live it internally, like the presentation of EXPLAIN’s Vision 2020 at the Print Media Academie in Heidelberg. We rented this venue exclusively for our vision presentation. What we experienced there is huge, significant, and, for the time being at least, our secret.

Vision presentation: »Freeing your David«

»David was always there, I only freed him from the marble,« Michelangelo’s quotation inspires our vision. We want to free our company’s David and our personal Davids too! Our CEOs symbolically chipped out the first pieces of the  marble which was delivered specially for this vision presentation.  Just as Michelangelo freed his David. The EXPLAIN crew embodies such a strong presentation culture. These shared presentation experiences motivate and inspire us and we leave with a renewed sense of purpose.

We have already achieved our vision of supporting people on the stages of the world. However, over the next five years, we will do everything we can to achieve our goals. This project will not only help us grow in our daily work, but also as ONE CREW. We can tell you this much at least: EXPLAIN is breaking out and exciting times lie ahead!