February 1st 2016

From an ironing room to Haydnplatz: The route to being a leading presentation agency

What started in an ironing room is today Germany’s leading presentation agency. Along the way were twelve years of learning, success and lots of creativity. Changing from a telephone company to a value-oriented company. From one customer to over 500. Initially a one-man agency, now employer of 37 people. From a single project to more than 2,000. These are dreams that have become reality over the last 12 years. This is the story of EXPLAIN.

12 years of  outstanding presentations

When Sven Hager founded our presentation agency, he firstly wanted to improve corporate communication through presentations. In addition, he wanted to look after people with important things to say. His first apprentice, Jonas Keller, is now a Managing Partner. EXPLAIN is still a company where talented employees have the opportunity to develop themselves further.

Starting out as a company that made slides prettier, today we are experts in presentoric. Presentoric is the successful combination of convincing presentations and successful rhetoric. Everything revolves around structured content, professionally designed slides and strong speakers. This is EXPLAIN. It’s not only companies that benefit from our knowledge nowadays. More and more speakers, such as long-time speakers from TEDx, are also coming to us for more successful presentations.

Anybody who thinks that we are now resting on our successful laurels, is mistaken. We want to be the right place for outstanding presentations in the future too. As Germany’s leading presentation agency, we want to stay close to our customers and bring companies into the new school of presenting. Together with them, we want to influence how people present. With great presentations and the promise that any strong image can become a reality.

Over the next 12 years, we will make every effort to help visions come true and to create inspiring presentations from good ideas.
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