EXPLAIN Stage Power

February 21st 2012

Presentationsupport for your Event

Reach for the stars and think outside the box. Experience unlimited presentation know-how. Anyone who thinks PowerPoint belongs to dusty meeting rooms is wrong. EXPLAIN brings PowerPoint to giant stages and helps presenters to shine in the spotlight.

Success and emotions go hand in hand – the same is true for event presentations. We know about nervousness, shaking knees and sweaty hands, not just from what our customers tell us, but from personal experience. We know that feeling of excitement on first stepping onto a stage. We know how it feels to be the center of attention, to feel the adrenaline, and to focus entirely on our presentation. We know the sublime feeling of applause, the joy of having inspired people, and the relief you feel after the curtain has fallen. THE EXPLAIN STAGE makes us better speakers and helps us understand our customers better. We know what is important in event presentations, see the nervous people behind presenters’ composed façades, and help prepare them for their great performance. More and more companies are recognizing the positive impact of an event presentation on their employees, investors or customers.

Successful company communication must appeal to people’s emotions and the best way to do this is on the stage! We have experience in this ourselves and so we can offer our customers top-class support. That’s what happened with the consulting company MHP, at their annual event, MHPInsight, where over 1,000 consultants were in the audience. adidas has also recognized the importance of event presentations. For this reason, they have been trusting us and our extensive event experience for three years.  We have accompanied them through about 30 event presentations, where powerful PowerPoint slides have been used to inspire investors, employees and decision-makers.

EXPLAIN Stage Power for successful event presentations

EXPLAIN helps makes executives and employees ready to step on-stage without fear. We take care of content and visual presentation concepts, we design distinctive slides which support you, the speaker. We coach you to give your speech and ultimately bring all the elements together. Breathtaking PowerPoint slides with stunning images, perfectly staged on the big screen. Consistent storytelling and a convincing and inspiring performance. A presentation that knows no boundaries, because we look after the creative side of your event. From the right motto to an entertaining speech. We take care of everything from A to Z, so you can concentrate on your big moment on stage. So that you can enjoy your performance. So that you can kindle emotions in your audience and be successful. Because we believe that great presentations move people.

Opinions on our EXPLAIN STAGE

»In short: an all-round successful event.«
»I’m looking forward to the next event!«
»Individual stories, individual people. 100% emotional, funny, poignant … goose bumps and laughter, there were tears in my eyes.«
»Very professional and yet personal. I really felt very good.«

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