May 18th 2016

TMG – more than a business presentation

The future of successful presenting lies in the hands of capable speakers who know their trade – presentoric. TMG Consultants GmbH realized this and, trusting in our expertise, their business consultants joined forces with us to develop their new company presentation. We believe it will take TMG’s communication culture to a completely new level and make a vital contribution to the company’s success and growth. The consultants’ own vast experience was reason enough for us to assess the logical structure of our own workshops – and we found our approach confirmed. CEO Klaus Dieterich’s feedback reflects this: »It was amazing to see that during the workshops we were already improving on our ability to explain and reason for our company. We are now more convinced than ever that we have chosen the right partner.«

Presentoric comes up trumps

We decided to lead the presentation and communication culture of Swabian consultancy Trumpf to the next level.

And so, in the context of TMG’s spring conference, we organized a presentoric training course for 50 expert consultants, in order to introduce them to the new school of presenting. In the one and a half days that we spent together, we defined and then elaborated on target group approach, USPs and core messages, using creative techniques. We then trained them to present confidently and comprehensibly, with our focus being on a combination of professional appearance and maximum authenticity. The participants were happy with their newly acquired skills.  To see these experienced consultants so pleased with the results of our workshop confirmed for us once again that our holistic approach to presenting is the key to successful business communication. »It was a fantastic workshop with an excellent mix of theoretical and practical parts. I got wonderful inspiration and constructive advice. It was a lot of fun!« (Dr. Timo Wiegmann, TMG Consultant, Shanghai)