Photo: Felix Koenig – CC BY 3.0, wikipedia


May 20th 2016

Future-oriented cooperation between EXPLAIN and Germany’s only university which offers rhetoric

The future of the presentation begins today. EXPLAIN and the Eberhart Karls University of Tübingen have signed a cooperation agreement. In this partnership, enduring knowledge about rhetoric meets current presentation practice. Together we will fire the starting gun for the future of presentations.

Aristotle, Cicero, and Quintilian – these three orators were the superstars of their time. Their speeches were the TED-Talks of antiquity. Their »ideas worth spreading«, aka ethos, pathos, logos (ethics, emotion and logic) are still the key to successful communication. This is where the art of presentations began and it’s relevant today as it ever was. However, over the course of time, speakers have been paying less and less attention to these principles. That is why they quickly lose the attention of their audience. A study by the Wall Street Journal revealed that 97% of all presentations make people sleepy. That means that only 3% excite their audiences. Our partnership helps us to say goodbye to PowerPoint slides jammed with text, simply letting people read, and speeches that put you to sleep. It promises variety in meeting rooms and captivating event presentations.

Expertise in presentoric

As a presentation agency, we naturally work according to the principles of presentation. We think that presentations and rhetoric are equally important for successful communication. Thanks to our partnership, students get insights into practical application and enter the profession with confidence. The Eberhart University of Karlsruhe is the only university in Germany which offers the subject rhetoric. Since 1496, it has been sharing its knowledge of successful speech making. We at EXPLAIN get to know the classic art of oration and can use this knowledge to enrich our customers’ presentations. »EXPLAIN is rhetoric on the ground«, said Prof. Joachim Knape, professor at the University of Tübingen, at our first meeting. In return, our experienced presentation experts hold seminars at the university. The goal is to inspire students to embark on new ways of presenting. In the long term, they will shape the future of the presentation.

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