March 24th 2016

Stages shape speakers – THE EXPLAIN STAGE

Stepping on stage can be unsettling. Suddenly you’re in the limelight, your knees feel weak, your mouth becomes dry and your hands begin to tremble. We at EXPLAIN know that stages shape speakers. From our day-to-day work with presentations, we know how challenging it can be to speak in front of an audience. It doesn’t matter if it is two people or two hundred. We know how hard it can be to electrify an audience with your speech. That’s why we have the EXPLAIN STAGE. The EXPLAIN STAGE is a special event format where passionate EXPLAIN speakers, from apprentices to CEOs, and selected guest speakers can share with the world, in just 10 minutes, what they’ve always wanted to. With their own personal presentations, they reach hundreds of people looking for inspiration from our EXPLAIN STAGE.

Inspiring presentations

Here at EXPLAIN, we know that great ideas come from inspiration. Our first EXPLAIN STAGE event, in the exclusive location ZKM Medientheater, featured the presentation »Running for Your Life«.  At least a couple of the 180 guests were moved to use their lunch breaks to go running ‘for their lives’.

»The Dream of Flying« inspired us to stick to our dreams, no matter what stands in our way. »Good Advice is Expensive« encouraged us to get to the end of the road, even if it seems stony. »Yolo« gave us the impetus to think about whether what we call normal is really making us happy. The »Little Encounter« aroused our need for adventure, »Integration« showed how a foreign country became a new home and »Surf Lessons for Life« demonstrated one way to happiness, where you have to fight against the waves before you can ride one.

See all the evening’s presentations here!

An inspiring event, and not just for our guests. Do you also want to be able to convince people, as a passionate speaker on the stage? Then contact us now!