July 8th 2016

Presentation event THE EXPLAIN STAGE at the Filmpalast inspires 400 people

Haven’t we all caught ourselves making comparisons with other people and seeing that our nose doesn’t look »normal«? Why don’t we celebrate what is special about ourselves? We very quickly decide whether we like someone or not. Yet, deciding which washing machine to buy is much more difficult. We would rather accept the disappointment of not achieving our goals than simply defining them later. According to that logic, we never have to feel bad for procrastinating ever again. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to undo the past with one click? Defeat brings club members even closer than if they had just been connected by a common dream of success. But what if you don’t know how to dream? There is a fairy tale that can help you to dream. Music evokes dreams of days gone by. What is my personal soundtrack, the music that reminds me of my goals, setbacks, and unique memories?

PowerPoint presentation instead of Hollywood blockbuster

We here at EXPLAIN know for certain that great presentations move people and markets. So, that’s what we did at our presentation event THE EXPLAIN STAGE – we moved 400 spectators with inspiring presentations. Nine speakers, seven from the EXPLAIN crew and two guest speakers, took to the EXPLAIN STAGE in the largest cinema in the city, the Filmpalast at ZKM. Together, they blew those 400 guests away with their ten-minute presentations. The EXPLAIN STAGE allows us to experience presentations first-hand, so that we can better advise and support our customers. We feel the excitement that our customers do before their presentations. The EXPLAIN STAGE makes us better speakers and more experienced consultants. No one regretted the decision to ignore Hollywood and embrace PowerPoint for the evening:

»A very successful event. Profound speakers and beautiful stories. The EXPLAIN touch is unmistakable.« (Manuel Laufer, Marte New Media Karlsruhe)

See all the evening’s presentations here!