September 15th 2016

By trainees and for trainees: Specialist Days at Rastatt training college

There’ s a saying that goes: We all have to start at the bottom of the ladder. Not so at EXPLAIN. Our trainees don’t watch and learn while making coffee for their superiors. Our trainees share our vision and make a difference. They set an example. At EXPLAIN, we aim to change Germany’s presenting habits starting from the bottom up.  That’s why we offer our presentoric training courses not just to middle and high schools, but we pass on our expertise to the students of technical colleges as well. Two of our trainees, aged 25, were commissioned as presentation experts by Rastatt’s School of Trade (HLA) for its Specialist Days to teach 50 students and their teachers. Our trainees were in charge of the planning, organization and delivery of the training course. We trust them to represent our company well, to share our vision and inspire others to work together with us towards changing Germany’s presentation landscape.

Our agency focuses on training

Since the very start, education has been a subject close to our heart. So it is all the more wonderful to see that not only can we support our own trainees in their learning, but we can also provide other trainees with the tools they need for presenting successfully.  Since here at EXPLAIN, we value education, we invite you to join us to experience our business and our projects from the very start – from follower to fellow. Initially learning from experienced staff and later working independently, you’ll be as ready as you can be for the future. Our best real-life example of how EXPLAIN can open doors for its trainees is our current CEO Jonas Keller. He was our first trainee and is now a managing partner.

Out of the 37 staff members at EXPLAIN, five are trainees – roughly 20%. A growing business, we are always on the lookout for passionate and talented young members.

Do you want to become part of our team at EXPLAIN.  Are you looking for a placement that can get you far? Apply now for 2017!