December 6th 2016

EXPLAIN is the new »Star of German business«

We here at EXPLAIN are a new star in the sky of the German economy. The statistical company Statista determined which companies could be called  growth champions of 2017 for the business magazine, Focus. We are among the 500 new ‘star’ German companies.
A prerequisite for being included was that all listed companies operate independently and are based in Germany. They must also have a minimum turnover of 100,000 euros in 2012 and a minimum turnover of 1.8 million euros in 2015.
From 2012 to 2015, we recruited 27 new employees for EXPLAIN which nearly doubled our size in just in four years. Despite this increase in the number of employees, we have been able to steadily increase our sales growth and ended up having growth of 29% per year.  Just like HelloFresh and Zalando we are one of the 500 growth champions in the German economy.

»The ‘Growth Champions’ award is great recognition for the whole team for the hard work we have put in over the last couple of years!«

We at EXPLAIN believe that great presentations move people, companies, and markets. In addition to medium-sized companies, we also work with large German corporations such as adidas, Daimler, and Porsche to achieve successful corporate communications through presentations. Our recipe for success is the presentoric principle. The two areas of presentation and rhetoric are equal factors in achieving successful communication through presentation. Structured content, professionally designed slides and impressive speakers are the main focus. Early on, we recognized the importance of clear values ​​as daily guidelines for making decisions. We understand our customers and keep their best interests in mind. EXPLAIN is employee-oriented and promotes a proactive culture of personal responsibility. Trainees are involved in projects right from the start of their training. A centralized, one-team concept also connects us outside of work. As a vision-oriented company, we see ourselves as constantly learning.  We develop with our customers and are always looking for new ways to present, so that we can make a lasting change to the presentation culture throughout Germany.