March 1st 2017

»When I grow up, I want to be…«

High school diploma in hand, the world is at your feet, and you have rosy dreams of the future. The day of »When I grow up, I want to be…« has finally arrived. Over the next three years, you will work on your future. Full of beans, the new apprentices begin training. However, many of them quickly get brought back down to earth by the reality of their duties: making coffee, copying, and watching what others do. The euphoria gives way to a realization: We all have to start at the bottom of the ladder.


Training at EXPLAIN promises exciting projects and great customers, and we keep our promises: Our trainees are full members of our CREW, from the very first day!
Before our trainee Barbara started her apprenticeship more than a year ago, she gave a lot of thought to what she wanted from the company that would train her. »I expect my training to be practice-oriented and good preparation for my future profession as a designer. I want to gain experience and learn from my mistakes.«
Have Barbara’s expectations been met?

Training at EXPLAIN because:

  1. EXPLAIN is a company with a flat structure. Communication is always egalitarian and, if there are problems, no distinction is made between trainee and supervisor.
  2. EXPLAIN gives you confidence! We trust our trainees and let them work on small projects as well as on projects for DAX30 companies such as adidas. This is the only way for our trainees to get to know the full range of their work as designers and gain the necessary self-confidence they need in order to be able to continue their training in this profession.
  3. With EXPLAIN, you are an important member of our business right from the start. According to the principle of training on the job, you already know on your first day what your job is about. At first you will be mentored by experienced designers, but you quickly become independent in daily project work and soon you will be a full-fledged member of the team, in projects of all sizes.
  4. We recognize the special talent in each of our trainees. We give them space for inspiration, promote their creativity and help them focus their talent, until they get the best possible result.
  5. EXPLAIN is not only a young company, but our crew is also young, with an average age of just 27. We have the most creative people in the city, our trainees can learn from them and at the weekend, we often party together. ONE CREW is not just any crew. It’s the coolest crew in town!

»I love EXPLAIN. The whole set-up, the people and my work! The opportunity to prove myself as a trainee that I get here is very special! A highlight for me was working for the German Parliament, another was a couple of very intense weeks with adidas.« That’s how Barbara summed up her first year in training.

Has the »When I grow up, I want to be…« day come for you yet? Do you want to get started on your training? Then apply now for a trainee position at EXPLAIN!