July 3rd 2017

The Power of Presentations

Presentations are mostly neglected in sales departments. There are many reasons for this – from chronic lack of time to ignorance of the power that a sales presentation can have. Our customers appreciate outstanding sales presentations, but there are still a lot of sales staff and companies who waste a lot of potential on poor presentations. This can quickly lead to falling sales and a decline in their business.

Presentations are still the most important communication tool in B2B

The most paradoxical thing? They often don’t get the attention they deserve.

We here at EXPLAIN are convinced that you can move entire markets with great presentations. What makes a presentation great? And how can you enhance your own sales presentation? The editorial team posed these questions to the sales managers – one of the most important information portals for Sales & Marketing. We are delighted that as Germany’s leading presentation agency, we were the first place they came to for answers.

The result? A detailed article about general appreciation of sales presentations, many tips, hints, tricks, and Cinderella.
Cinderella? What’s that all about?  Best to read up about it on Vertriebsmanager.de