Sven Hager and Jonas Keller are part of the top 100 of the excellent entrepreneurs


Explain CEOs receive a great honour

It can be compared to a knighthood. At least nowadays, it can be seen as one. Sven Hager and Jonas Keller have achieved to become part of the top 100 excellent entrepreneurs. It is a great honour – just like a knighthood.

Every year, the Team of Speakers Excellence chooses the best 100 entrepreneurs. It is about finding experts from each business area. The fields include industry, economy & finance, hotel business, gastronomy & tourism, services, trade & crafts, management, legal & tax consulting, media, PR & marketing, medicine, health & fitness, digitalisation & IT and many more.

Being accepted in this league also means to inspire other companies. You earn this knighthood by successfully positioning yourself on the market, gaining new knowledge and having value for other companies.

What started in the ironing room 13 years ago is now the leading presentation agency in Germany with almost 40 employees. In 2004, Sven Hager founded the company because he was convinced that presentations will move people. Back then, being a lone fighter, he quickly figured out how great the demand for presentations was in companies. Jonas Keller was his first employee. They have also developed a friendship by closely working together as a team which still unites them today.

The Business Model Was Formed More And More By New Orders And Customers

New employees joined the company. The responsibility started to grow. Employing people and to invite them to come along on the journey, on which EXPLAIN is still today, also forms internal structures.

Being young entrepreneurs, they take a lot of time to address leadership topics and have found Jochen Geiselhart as their companion who has been helping shape the culture of EXPLAIN until today.

The cornerstones of the internal company communication include their view that it is highly important to inspire customers and employees alike. It is equally important to focus on external as well as internal matters. Sven Hager and Jonas Keller have developed their own methods in order to shape a team out of employees. These methods have become their own management style which is being communicated through presentations. Leading by Presentations.

Today, the way of how the business year’s strategy is being communicated to the employees is normal. Not only the employees but also more and more companies are inspired by this high level of transparency.

Sven Hager and Jonas Keller are very proud of that significant recognition which has come along with this award and they want to pass it on. This makes them proud. This is the way they live. This is what they celebrate. And they like to share it with you.

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